Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Are You Making This Room So Clean?

This is the question my 4 year old asked me as I was clearing out the bedside tables in the master bedroom. And she didn't think it was a good thing. You see, my daughter is a packrat. I worry that it could turn to hoarding. She picks through the dirt pile if I sweep when she is around. She wants to keep the scrap cuts of paper from craft time. She cries if we have to throw out a paintbrush we forgot to clean. So clearing out excess things is causing her some upset. We are being very careful to stick to things that belong to Jeremy and I. And she doesn't seem to be bothered with the casting off of the baby's clothes. But a discussion of the "one in, one out" policy we are implementing is causing major distress with her. Like tears on a daily basis as she talks about it. Any tips/advice?

In other news, I implemented a new strategy yesterday. I was feeling unfocused now that a lot of the big stuff has been done. So being the Flylady that I am, I decided to focus on the zone of the week. This week is the master bedroom. We've both already culled our wardrobes so that was looking good. But I took out 2 of the 5 vases on the dresser, a bag of fabric that needs to go back to my sewing group, half a dozen books that I've already read or have no interest in reading and enough cat hair to make a kitten LOL.

Also, a candleholder. I bought the candleholder 10 years ago in North Carolina. I hung it in our bedroom 3 years ago because it covered a small damaged spot. But I don't think I've truly noticed it in over 2 years. After Jeremy banged his shoulder on it during a midnight baby waking last week I was nearly ready to let it go. And now it's in the flea market container with no regrets.

I removed 2 of the 7 decorative pillows on our bed (what can I say, I'm a decorator!) and the rug moved to the living room to keep the baby's feet/bottom warm when she plays. And while none of these changes are major, the room feels more open, brighter and much more peaceful. And while Ella called it clean, I think this peace is what she was feeling.

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