Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am not Julia Childs

and if I'm being honest, I have no desire to be. I owned a half dozen cookbooks. I have several hundred recipes from swaps. I have dozens of recipes printed from websites or clipped from magazines.

But every day I wondered and stressed about what to make for dinner and at the end of the day just made one of a handful of standbys. Or picked up fast food. Or had a "fend for yourself" night. So I gave away/sold the cookbooks. And I made a 14 day meal plan. It contains all of the meals we eat on a regular basis anyway. I left one day open to try out one of the recipes I've clipped or saved. I figure I can cook something new twice a month LOL. If the recipe doesn't make the cut, I'm tossing it. If we like it, I'll make it a few more times. If we love it, we'll either trade out one of the other meals or extend our rotation.

At the end of my stack of clippings I hope to have a 30 day rotation and a much more streamlined recipe binder. An added bonus: easier grocery shopping :)

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