Sunday, January 16, 2011

Minimalism and God

Reading this post by Courtney at Be More With Less made me think. I was born and raised Roman Catholic. We went to church every single Sunday. My parents were and still are very active in their church. Personally I went through stages of hating church. I went through stages of being very involved in the church, in high school I taught a 5th grade Religious Education class. Then I went away to University and have rarely attended mass since.

But in the month leading up to my decision to minimalize I craved the church. I drive past a church pretty much every day. And I would look at it and think longingly about stopping in and just sitting for a while. It got me to contemplating whether I wanted to join a church in this city (not the one I grew up in). As I thought and went around in circles about this I realized it wasn't necessarily the church or God I was looking for. It was the peace and quiet I associate with a church outside of mass. And it was a major red flag that I was missing something in my life. It led me to start thinking and seeking out what that thing was.

And so in a way the church led me to simplifying. It will be interesting to see if simplifying will bring me back around to God.

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