Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9, 2011

a dozen tupperware covers that didn`t have bottoms

My job. Yep, gave notice at my job today. I`ve boon working as a part time accountant for a friend`s business for 3 years now. It was supposed to be a temporary job. Just something to fill in the space until my decorating clientele picked up. In March I went on maternity leave with the possibility of never returning. But the person who took my position up and gave a week`s notice in July.

So I returned a couple hours of the week. Bringing the baby along. And it was okay for a while but it`s becoming clear that I couldn`t give it the attention it needed. And attempting to give it the attention it needed means that I`m not giving other important things the attention they needed. So I`m letting go of the job to focus on the things that I hold near and dear right now. Which includes the baby`s nap schedule LOL.

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