Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011

Hmmm, I didn't post yesterday but I know there were things let go of. They may end up added on to today's post.

2 pairs of shoes to sell.
1 pair of sneakers to trash
1 purse
1 small briefcase
6 small wooden baskets purchased to corral DD1's art supplies. They failed miserably.
75% of the textbooks my husband was holding on to (yes he ok'd this lol)
Cleaning supplies for our sofa (we just put the cushion covers in the wash)
foam stamps (why was I even keeping these)
4 dollar store picture frames
6 bellydancing cds
an old employer's license plate
slippers I never wore

I'm noticing the first round is going really quickly and really easily. There are few hard decisions. These are all things that we were not using. Things that we no longer wanted but just hadn't got around to tossing. Overflowing closets have empty shelves. Every day DD1 comes home and exclaims "Someone cleaned!" :) I know the hard stuff is yet to come but I'm just going to coast on the high of progress for a while longer.

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