Monday, February 7, 2011

Much Progress

I actually am not sure where to begin. My mother came to visit last Friday. As my Christmas gift I asked her to come for a week and help me finish 3 household projects that were lingering.

1. Finish painting the kitchen. I started this project in the summer and stalled.
2. Clean/fix/paint the bathroom ceiling. It felt like it was going to be a seriously intense project so I was avoiding it.
3. Organize/sort/declutter/clean the basement. Our basement is unfinished but used for storage and working out. It is FULL and complete chaos.

I asked my Mom to help for two main reasons. First, she is a hard worker and loves tackling a job from beginning to end. Second, and perhaps most important, she would push me to make sure they got finished.

True to form, we are 3 days into her visit and the kitchen is painted. We also cleaned out every cupboard, washed walls, cabinet doors, appliances (inside and out) and scrubbed the floor. Oh yeah, we also took down the light fixture to clean and added contact paper to the cabinet floor under the sink. I wasn't lying when I said she pushes me LOL. In the process of cleaning out the cabinets, many pieces went to the flea market pile. I also cleaned up a toy vanity table/stool and the exersaucer to go.

Today we nearly finished the bathroom ceiling. It was less productive since my husband went to work and we had both girls home with us. Also we spent the afternoon at the pool, a welcome break. Tomorrow's plan will include a top to bottom clean of the bathroom, probably done while I am at work for a few hours. Then, it's on to the basement.

I knew my Mom was motivated but I did have my doubts it would all get done in 6 1/2 days. I doubt no more!

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